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Your Source for SBA Guaranteed 7a Loans

Loans available nationwide for most any existing & start up business. All loans are provided through commercial lenders, with partial guarantees from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). North American provides SBA Loans from $100,000 to $5,000,000, for almost any business, including many cash businesses, restaurants, gas stations, manufactures, medical practices, micro breweries, horse stables, etc.



Good, Well Established Personal Credit of All Principals
Experience Related to the Business by at Least One Principal
• Investment from Personal Funds


Collateral is required for most startups, some purchases, and some existing business requests. The most common collateral is home equity. SBA loans require a lien on collateral available, including a blanket lien on business and personal assets or on home equity from homeowners. Cosigners, guarantors, and pledging of collateral from parents and relatives is acceptable.

The purchase of an existing business must show sufficient cash flow to serve the debt of the loan requested, to be determined by North American. Asset purchases may be considered. All Borrowers need to provide a lease or proposed lease with a term and options of renewal totaling at least the term of the loan being requested. For example, a seven-year loan request can have a five-year lease with an option to renew of two years or more. 

SBA Loan Submission Requirements

• Last Three Years' 1040 Federal Tax Returns, Signed & Dated, for All Principals
Last Three Years' Business Federal Tax Returns, Signed & Dated, for All Existing Business, & Business Purchases
Interim Balance Sheet & Income Statement for the Most Recent Month's End
Executive Summary of Your Transaction (If You Have a Complete Business Plan, Please Provide)
Three-Year Financial Projections (First Year on a Month-to-Month Basis)
Résumé for All Principals
Personal Financial Statement for All Principals
Use of Proceeds List, Specifically Identifying How Much Money Will Be Allocated Where
Startups Require a Copy of Lease or Proposed Lease for Premises
4506 Form for Each Principal, Each Business, &, If a Business Purchase, from the Seller for the Business

Important Notes

If you own more than one business, the SBA requires that you also supply three-year tax returns on your other businesses, even though they are not applying for the loan. Please contact North American for additional information.